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Today is Monday, March 27, 2023

Following the CDC guidelines and Governor Cuomo’s mandate: Any patrons whom are vaccinated do not need to wear a mask, as per the CDC children 2-11 who cannot be vaccinated do not need to wear a mask unless they are in an indoor environment.

If you are not vaccinated please continue to wear a mask. Children under 2 do not require a mask.

Conservation &
White Post Farms

Your patronage does more than you know. Here at White Post Farms, we are dedicated to the preservation of wildlife throughout the world. We strongly believe in giving back. We proudly donate to the following organizations whom work diligently to cultivate a better world for nature and humanity.

Global Wildlife Conservation


Global Wildlife Conservation organization helps protect irreplaceable places, fund expeditions to find lost species, supports cutting-edge breeding programs, and so much more. 100% of the donations go directly into field work.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation


The go-to organization for giraffe conservation that is proactive and reactive, with a strong collaborative and dynamic team working within a network of partners on all levels. 

The site offers fun activities for children with a passion for giraffes.  Click here

Trees for the Future


TREES has planted over 180 million trees and gained experience in solving the problems people face to survive on degraded lands in more than 60 nations across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

We are a proud sponsor of this organization. Our support has helped plant over 10,000 trees, thereby sequestering hundreds of metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, while helping over 20 farmers and their families plant themselves out of hunger and poverty.

World Parrot Trust


The World Parrot Trust (WPT) was founded to help save wild parrots from extinction and to ensure that companion parrots live long, healthy and happy lives. WPT has grown to become a global force and their efforts have  led or aided conservation and welfare projects in 43 countries for 70 species of parrot.