White Post Animal Farm of Melville

White Post Animal Farm of Melville

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Today is Monday, March 27, 2023

Following the CDC guidelines and Governor Cuomo’s mandate: Any patrons whom are vaccinated do not need to wear a mask, as per the CDC children 2-11 who cannot be vaccinated do not need to wear a mask unless they are in an indoor environment.

If you are not vaccinated please continue to wear a mask. Children under 2 do not require a mask.

Animal Farm Frequently Asked Questions

The Animal Farm is open every day. 10am – 5pm Stay until 6pm. On Fall Festival days admission opens at 9:30am-4:30pm.

Please see our contact page for directions.

For the current admission please see our Event Calendar.

Yes, outside wagons and strollers are allowed on the farm. You may not bring strollers or wagons into our bird aviaries.

We are for the most-part handicapped accessible. Most areas are flat and paved.

No, there are no discounts or coupons at this time.

If our ticket links are available you may pre-purchase online with a credit card. You will get a confirmation e-mail. You may print your ticket or show on your mobile device. You may also purchase in person at the admission booth but with cash only. Online tickets are only for weekday animal farm tickets. Festival admission is not available or pre-purchase.

ALL PREPURCHASED TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDAABLE. No cancellations, no refunds and no rain checks. Activities are subject to change without notice due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control. 

Anyone 16 months and older pay the regular admission price. We do not have different admissions for different ages.

Yes, there is a charge for each child and each adult that choose to ride the train. Children under the height of 36″ must ride with an adult. Both child and adult must pay for rides. Train rides are cash only.

Yes, there is a charge for each child who rides a pony. Pony rides are cash only.

Yes, you may bring in outside food unless you are at one of our birthday parties. Depending on the time of year our pond concession as well as our farm market may be available if you want to purchase food as well. We have sitting areas throughout the farm for eating at.

No, we do not take any outside animals for our farm. 

No parking is FREE. We have multiple lots. 

Dogs are not allowed on the farm for the safety of our other guests and our animals.

No. The Train is not available when it is raining.

No, we do not have apple picking.

No, we do not have a corn maze.

No, we do not have any inflatable bouncers at this time.

For all donation requests please send an e-mail to office@whitepostanimalfarm.com

Birthday Party Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our birthday party page:

Weekday Package B available Wednesday-Friday
Weekend Package C available Saturday-Sunday and select Holidays
Fall Hayride Party Package available Wednesday-Friday during October Only (restrictions apply)
Fall Festival Party available Saturday-Sunday in October Only and Columbus Day (restrictions appl

Yes. We do 24-hour courtesy holds with no deposit required. Your hold expires after 24 hours.

You may book over the phone or come into our party office. We take a $400 non-refundable deposit
over the phone or in person. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Cash for the deposit.

At the end of your party the party manager with go over the final invoice and you will pay at that time.

Your party still proceeds as planned. Pony rides are done in our indoor pony coral and the hand feeding, bottling feeding and holding of a baby animal activities are all done in the covered animal
farm area.

No. The birthday child is not free. They are included in the final count of all party guests.

Children between the ages of 1-15 years old are considered party guests and included in the party
Children between the ages of 16-20 will pay the animal farm admission price.
Anyone 21 & over is included in party package price as an adult

Yes, a fee of $9.95 will be added to your final invoice if a child that was to come does not show up.
You will not incur the additional participating guest fee, only the no show fee of $9.95.
If you know at least 24 hours prior to your party that a participating guest will not be attending, Call
the party office to let us know so that the guest can be moved from participating to non-participating.
You will not be charged the additional guest fee you will only be charged for the favor that was made.

Yes. On the party confirmation sheet (you will be given this sheet when you book your party) there is a place to let us know about these favors.

Monday-Friday one hostess supervises and on Saturday-Sunday two hostesses with additional helpers throughout the party.

First, the children start off with pony rides. As each child takes their turn, all the children cheer each
other on.
Next, we go on to hand feeding the animals. At this point the hostess takes out a large bucket of
animal feed and continuously gives it to the children as we walk throughout the farm.
After hand feeding the children wash their hands and return to the party room to have their pizza and
juice (bagels for 10:00 party) and any adult food you have ordered will also be nicely displayed.
The second half of the party begins with the children sitting on our bench where they will hold a baby
animal. Either a baby bunny or a baby goat.
The fourth and final animal activity is bottle feeding. Each child will get a milk bottle and feed the
goats and sheep.
Lastly the children will wash their hands and return to the party room for the birthday cake

Yes. The party activities are well planned out. All children are given ample time to complete each activity.

No, we do not change the order. Each activity is scheduled so that other parties do not conflict with your party activities.

Party activities cannot be changed. Each activity is scheduled so that other parties do not conflict with your party activities.

Yes, it is, however, the party hostess keeps the party together as it moves from one activity to another.

Yes. You can change your date and/or time based on what is available (within 30 days).

No. We do not allow any outside décor, banners or paper goods.

We provide balloon bouquets on the party tables. You may bring in balloons for centerpieces only.
We suggest bringing balloons already blown up. We do not have helium on the premises. Balloons are not allowed out of the party room.

Yes, you make bring your own cake. If you choose to bring your own cake we offer four
complimentary beverages in its place: for example two cold and two hot beverages.

Food for party guests, child or adult, will be served approximately 30 mins after party has started.
Usually when the first two activities, pony rides and hand feeding with the animals, are completed.

No. No outside food, deserts or drinks are allowed.

If a child has a peanut or dairy allergy, the parent may bring a food item for that child only.

The birthday cake is not made with any peanut products, however, the bakery kitchen does use peanut products. We suggest that the parent bring a food item safe for their child.

Yes. You will circle yes on the party confirmation sheet to let us know you would like the train ride.

The Train Ride adds about 5-10 minutes to your party time.

Yes, there is a charge of $2.50 for each child and each adult that choose to ride the train.

No. The Train is not available when it is raining. You are not charged for the Train if it rains.

No. Our party times are set up so that there is time to clean up and set up between parties leaving no extra time for making parties longer.

No. Party guests can only arrive 15 min prior to the party start time where they will be greeted by a party hostess. Guests arriving earlier enter through the animal farm admission and will be asked to pay the admission fee.

All winter time parties are held indoors. We provide an enclosed heated area for all activities; pony rides, hand feeding, bottle feeding and holding of a baby animal. Access to the outside playgrounds are only weather permitting. No access when there is snow, ice or maintenance is being performed.